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Web Conference is a place for virtual meeting. A place where people can communicate, meet (virtually) and exchange ideas. You can chat with your customer, friends and colleagues via web conference.
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conference calls Web Conference is a service that enables you to instantly share your desktop with multiple guests over the internet at the same time. It allows business professionals to communicate more effectively and economically through interactive online meetings. Web Conferencing can be rapidly implemented with no or minimal IT involvement and no start-up costs. Use Web Conferencing to increase productivity while lowering costs typically associated with business meetings, such as travel and sales overhead.

Handle product proofing: view first runs on products over the web (by video display or scanning) for approval without shutting down production:
- Conduct training sessions
- Host sales meetings for off-site personnel
- Give sales presentation and demonstations
- Give any presentation to anyone, anywhere
- Demonstrate software, live

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