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Modern Traditional Chinese Medicine

Modern Traditional Chinese Medicine is the most authoritative Chinese magazine on the application, research and usage of Chinese herbs, natural remedies, and traditional medical recipes. The advisory broad of the magazine is composed of top-notch scientist, doctors, and professors of the TCM field. This particular magazine is the only one of its kind in circulation both in China and Taiwan, and amongst all Chinese communities around the world.


Annual subscription rates (4 issues)
Hong Kong -
USD $13.00  
Asia - USD $26.00
Outside Asia - USD $30.00


Table of Contents


TCM - The Revived Blossom in the New Medical Era
Status Quo and Outlook for TCM Development in the 21st Century

Clarification on the Chaos in TCM Categorization
Safety and Effectiveness on TCM Application
TCM and Chinese Culture

Interlacing TCM with Medical System in the USA
Enhancement of Sino-Thai Traditional Medicine Exchange
Enactment on Legalization of TCM in Thailand

New Technology and New Trend in QC Control of TCM

Policy and Market on Health Food in the P.R.C.

Foot Reflex Remedy-Safe, Effective, Convenient and Easy Self-Healing Process
The Correct Way to Choose the Right TCM in the Family

Keeping Health
Creamy Tonics
An Understanding on "Salted Plum" , A Japanese Traditional Food

Sex and Tao
Infertility, men and women
"Seven Damages and Eight Benefits" - the Unsolved Case

Can Vertebrae Patients Shake Their Head?
Comforts for Women Feeling Cold
Itchy Skin, A Potential Alarm on Intestinal Illness
What If Your Husband Cries Tired

Artificial Breeding of Cordyceps Militaris - Research and Development


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