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Economic Reporter
Economic Reporter established in 1947 and it is the only Hong Kong economic magazine that can issue in Mainland China. It explores the economic and finance status of Hong Kong. It also has translated version in Mainland China, Taiwan, Macao, and many other countries.

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Hong Kong -
USD $116.00  
Asia - USD $200.00
Outside Asia - USD $221.00


Table of Contents

Front Cover Feature
The Great Tourist District

  • Guangdong, Hong Kong & Macau
  • Origination of the Great Tourist District
  • Cooperation, Complements and Supplements amongst the Three Regions
  • Focus and Problem-Solving for Expedite Development with respect to Joint Cooperation amongst the
  • Regions

Hong Kong Economics
News Hot Line

  • The Encyclopedia on Noble Laureate in Economics

MPF Hot Line

  • How To Choose The Suitable Fund Category for MPF

Report on Hong Kong Economy

  • When Will PCCW Regain Its Strength In Lumps of Sells

Gold Rush

  • How Credentials Earn J.Y.Sum The Top Rank Paper Merchant

Environmental Pulse
Can Environmental Protection and Economic Development

  • Accommodate With Each Other?

Stock Tracking
Bottom Not Out, Investment Not In

Hong Kong News Briefing
Customs Cracked Human Smuggling / Propane Gas Station
Price War….

China Economics
Feature Report

  • Decoding The New Five Year Plan
  • "The Tenth Five-Year Plan" : Full Force Financial Support On Western Development From The Central Government
  • Comprehensive Establishment of Middle-Class Society In China
  • Fight For Returned Scholars In China

China Economics Report
Institute of Social Science Autumn Report : Annual GDP
Growth Will Attain 8%

Topics on Economics
On "Decrease" In Holiday Travelers

China Economic Forum
Surfacing Of Open-End Fund

Selective Essay Translated
The Dawning Of Internet Recession

China Economic Information
Material Change In Taxation System / Assorted Programs In
Encouraging Foreign Investment In China / Utilization Of Mineral Resources….

Selected Information
About Hubei

Real Estates Plaza
Overview Of New Trend On High End Properties In Guangzhou (1)

District Economic Introduction
Stormy Hong Kong Sentiment : The Da Mon Village
Environmental Protection

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