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CMEIS.COM is a website jointly launched by WebUnion Media Ltd - a leading online media company and EIA (Economic Information & Agency).

Established in 1997, WebUnion has offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing. WebUnion has extensive market reach and knowledge in the Greater China Region, online and offline. WebUnion is also the operator of the first and largest Chinese Banner Exchange network.

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EIA was founded on January 1st, 1947 and since the same day has published - the earliest Chinese edition of economic weekly appeared in Hong Kong.

EIA has established 6 offices in China mainland and special correspondent network the spreads over a number of China state's financial sectors, provinces and cities and newspaper offices. The Agency cooperates with China state departments in publishing economic books of rule, directory and guide, and is designated as an oversea circulating agency for thousands economic books and journals published by provinces, cities or state departments of China.
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